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For Immediate Release:

Bioasis Mission Control have today confirmed that the first #BioasisExtreme mission is underway. The group met their Mission Leader at Exeter St David's station at 1455 yesterday, 13/07/2074. They were given supplies, a mission envelope & train tickets to an undisclosed location.

Their initial goal is an RV with a Bioasis agent on Friday at 1050. The meeting is extremely time sensitive due to highly degradable mission critical substances.

To reach the RV point and learn how to identify the agent, the group will need to navigate 28km of wilderness terrain and complete multiple tasks on route.

Radio communication from the group at 1158 this morning confirmed their current location, along with positive news of wildlife sightings including kestrels, butterflies and a Golden Ringed Dragonfly (eating a bee!).

If tomorrow’s agent meet is successful, the group will have just over 36 hours to trek a further 30km south and hit the narrow window for safely crossing the industrialist town in the early hours of Sunday morning. Once the entry point into The Bioasis itself has been located, Mission Control will release co-ordinates of Holbe basecamp. Here, the group will spend the next five days undertaking biodiversity monitoring, canoe missions, Bioasis defence force training and putting the world to rights around the campfire under a star-studded sky.

Release Ends

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