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Environmental Science Adventure School Trips | The Bioasis | Exeter, UK
The Bioasis | Outdoor Adventure UK School Trips | Exeter, UK

Looking after our planet

The protection of the environment and long term sustainability is at the heart of The Bioasis project.


Through educating and inspiring the next generation, flora and fauna surveys, environmental clean ups and small scale rewilding projects, The Bioasis is slowly increasing nature's resilience to the many years of environmental exploitation and degredation of the late 1900's and 2000's.

Working with a network of environmental charities, rewilding programmes, tree planting schemes, government departments and wildlife & conservation specialists, The Bioasis Project is about bringing radical change and hope to future generations.

forest fire smoke and climate crisis

CLimate emergency

Mission Control recognises the need to take bold steps to minimise our negative impact on the environment.


To this end, we have declared a climate emergency and joined the global ‘Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency' campaign.


We commit to finding ways to reduce our carbon emissions, develop a climate action plan, share our progess, work together with partners and advocate for change across the industry. 


Tourism Declares Climate Emergency
The Bioasis recognises the climate emergency
Missions to The Bioasis are naturally low in carbon emissions


Missions to The Bioasis are naturally low in carbon emissions.


Cooking on open fires is the main activity giving rise to carbon emissions. The Bioasis perimeter is 8km from a mainline railway station and all mission teams are encouraged to travel to The Bioasis by train. Mission leaders meet teams at the station to guide them into The Bioasis itself.

Basecamp is powered by renewable electricity, with on-site composting toilets.

Our next challenge is to maximise carbon caputure through conservation activities within The Bioasis, so we have a net positive affect. 

The Bioasis support Travellers Against Plastic


Travellers Against Plastic (TAP) is a campaign which seeks to educate global travellers about the harmful impact of plastic water bottles and encourages travellers to clean their own water instead. 

Single-use plastic is prohibited within The Bioasis.

Travellers Agaisnt Plastic TAP Logo
The Bioasis leads environmental clean up missions



Environment clean up is an integral part of all missions in The Bioasis. The early 21st century led to a plastic disaster and even now, in 2074, expedition teams need to spend time collecting and clearing waste from coastline and inland areas.


What can, will be recycled. Working with schools and recruiters, we have a duty to educate young people about the issues and encourage them to be responsible global citizens of the future.

The Bioasis fairtrade cooperative in Ghana


The team behind The Bioasis Project are long-time advocates of Fairtrade and all missions are based on similar ethical values.


We make Fairtrade purchasing choices as well as help raise awareness of global issues surrounding human rights. 


Mission Control is based in a Fairtrade City!

Sillouette of Wind Turbine


Mission Control electricity comes from 100% renewable energy through 'Bulb' and all electricity within The Bioasis itself is powered by innovative ultra-local renewable initiatives.


We do our best to look after our planet too: from an extra layer or two on a chilly day and catching trains to agent-recruiter meetings, to printing on 100% recycled paper, recycling, and cycling to Mission Control.

fresh food cooked in the Bioasis camp


Mission Control has developed good relationships with organic and no-dig farmers in the area surrounding The Bioasis. These farms are used to supply mission teams, keeping food local, super fresh and food miles to a minimum. Missions are fuelled by wholesome, fresh and delicious food all the way.

Warning: Despite Mission Control's best logistical planning, food drops don't always go to plan. Sometimes teams are required to undertake search and locate missions and/or foraging in order to have sufficient food to continue their mission.

The Bioasis run on a leave no trace policy, protecting the environment



Missions to The Bioasis are run on a 'Leave No Trace' philosophy, protecting the environment and educating young people on how to enjoy remote and sensitive habitats in a responsible way.

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