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Environmental Science Adventure School Trips | The Bioasis | Exeter, UK


The safe return of all team members is Mission Control's primary objective. Careful planning, industry leading safety standards and comprehensive risk management from an experienced team mean we are confident that all those entering The Bioasis are in safe hands. Life itself is not without risk, and a Bioasis Mission aims to help young people understand and evaluate hazards and build a healthier attitude to risk in everyday life.

For more details on our approach to safety see below, or contact Mission Control for copies of risk assessments and evacuation plans, or to discuss any questions you may have. 

UK Geography Adventure School Trips | Bioasis Field Trips | Exeter, UK


Each mission is led by an experienced DBS checked expedition leader. Mission leaders are trained in first aid, critical incident management and the complex art of mission logistics.


We take great pride in selecting and training only the very best leaders. During the heydays of international travel, many travelled extensively and led numerous school expeditions around the globe. Their enthusiasm and passion for the outdoor world is infectious and they are vital to the success of every mission.

UK Geography Adventure School Trips | Bioasis Field Trips | Exeter, UK


Comprehensive risk assessments are in place and are available to view on request.

The Mission Control team have more than 30 years’ experience in planning and leading expeditions across the globe. The team hold a wealth of qualifications from Off-Site Safety Management to International Mountain Leader and Bushcraft Instructor. All have travelled and trekked extensively around the world. 


Once in The Bioasis, each mission leader has the training, authority and expertise to dynamically risk assess the mission as it progresses. Contact us for more information or to request a copy of our Safety Management System.

Preparing for adventure in the Bioasis


Proper preparation prior to entering The Bioasis is a vital part of the safety management process.

Through pre-mission training and guidance documents, recruiters and students are given the necessary training and skills to safely undertake each mission. Briefing documents and instructional videos cover topics such as attitude to risk, health and hygiene, personal safety, kit, mission specific hazards and more. 


Our aim is not just to keep teams safe whilst in The Bioasis. Bioasis missions are a perfect opportunity to give young people the skills and knowledge to go on to enjoy a lifetime of safe adventures. .

Bioasis mission support member


Teams and mission leaders are backed up by a comprehensive support network of professionals, ranging from cooks and logistical support specialists on the ground, to game rangers, security experts and an expert team at Mission Control.

We don't anticipate any problems, and neither should you, but The Bioasis Project team is ready to spring into action should it be necessary.

Secure radio and mobile communications in the Bioasis


Given the biosensitivity of the area, The Bioasis is a secure comms zone. Basecamp is equipped with an encrypted radio and each mission leader has state of the art secure mobile communications with ultra fast-link lines to Mission Control.

Standard mobile devices are forbidden due to the risk of communication interceptions by local industrialists.

24 hours emergency back up and support available in the Bioasis


24 hour emergency back-up and critical incident support is ready in the unlikely event of an incident in The Bioasis.


Support is made up of an experienced team at Mission Control, roaming support crews and additional government emergency agencies where necessary. Helicopter rescue, coastguard and remote emergency rescue teams can all be called on if necessary. 


A NextGenNHS hospital with emergency facilities is located within 10 miles of the outer perimeter of The Bioasis.

European Wolf thriving in the Bioasis


The Bioasis is brimming with wildlife, but much of it is shy and you'll be hard pushed to see the larger animals. That said, at night, you can often hear the wolves howling.

Basecamp protocols dictate camp safety and to date, there has never been an incident involving wildlife.

The Bioasis must be kept safe from all bio hazards


Following the global pandemics of 2020 (Covid-19) and 2039 (Ebola T7), and in accordance to government guidelines, Bioasis Mission Control developed strict bio-secure protocols and standard operating procedures to ensure the safe operation of Bioasis missions.

Mission teams can expect bubble systems, strict sanitisation and hand washing protocols. Depending on the bio-threat level at the time of a particular mission, additional protocols may be required.

The Bioasis is under threat from industrialists


The Bioasis remains under constant threat from the industrialists, keen to exploit the extraordinary natural resources within.  


Our Bioasis Advanced Expedition team has reported gangs of industrialists, often accompanied by dogs, patrolling close to the outer perimeter of The Bioasis, trying to find a way in. 


Mission teams must remain alert to this threat and be ready to report industrialist activity to Mission Contol and lie low until the danger passes.

The Bioasis is registered with the AALA

AALA Licence

The Bioasis is registered with The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) as a licensed provider of adventure activities because of the provision of watersports, trekking and mountaineering.

Our AALA License Number is R2639. Licence details can be confirmed by referring to the on-line Register of Licence Holders available at

Adventure Activities Licensing Authority AALA Logo
The Bioasis is awarded with the LOTC badge

LOTC Quality BADGE & ADventuremark

The Bioasis has been awarded The Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Quality Badge - a nationally recognised indicator of good quality educational provision AND effective risk management. The LOtC Quality Badge reduces the red tape associated with learning outside the classroom..

We also have gained the 'Adventuremark' for our adventurous activities that fall outside of the statutory AALA scheme.

Learning Outside The Classroom Badge Logo
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