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School trips to The Bioasis



student climate change protesters

the story so far

The year is 2074.

The climate change apocalypse of the 2030s and 40s means the world we call home is dying. But there is hope...


​For years, rumours of a remote, natural paradise, somehow spared from the disaster, have been circulating.


An expedition team, sent to investigate this safe haven has not been heard of since. Until, that is, a fragmented radio message is received, along with a desperate plea to recruit a new generation to reconnect with nature and start the process of rewilding our dying planet. 

Education is the key, but the mission will not be easy. There will be danger, adventure, wild animals, challenges to overcome and industrialist saboteurs to avoid. But young people have always been innovative. They alone hold the key to rebooting our planet and providing hope for the human race..



Location: Classified

Now thought to be nature's last hope, The Bioasis is 1,200 acres of rugged coastline, salt marshes, ancient woodland and sparkling rivers - the perfect training ground to rewild the next generation and kick-start a more sustainable relationship with our planet.

Classified in the late 20th century as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), The Bioasis lies less than 200 miles from the uninhabitable old capital, London. Foxes, deer and even wolves now roam wild. Ospreys and kestrels rule the skies. Orchids nestle beneath huge oak trees whilst salmon, trout and sea bass frequent the estuary and river.

Yet the natural beauty and diversity of The Bioasis is also under threat. In order to protect it, its location must remain a closely guarded secret, unveiled only to inspirational teachers and selected young people.

The Bioasis estuary in summer.jpg
Students on a UK school trip entering the Bioasis

Your Mission

Reset your compass and take on an adventurous residential school trip to The Bioasis.

Survivors from the Bioasis Advanced Expedition urgently need new recruits to help set nature and humanity on a path to recovery. Young people are the cornerstone of the project, so teachers have become important recruiters.

Your mission: assemble a team, decipher sensitive mission material to locate your mission start point, then trek into The Bioasis itself. Guided by the mission leader, locate advanced basecamp, learn essential skills, build resilience and start to rewild our dying planet. Take care, though, the industrialists are never far away...

Team work, problem solving, navigation, camera trapping, canoe expeditions and more will all be necessary if you are to be successful...

Are you ready for a UK school trip like no other?

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