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Environmental Science Adventure School Trips | The Bioasis | Exeter, UK
The Immersive Adventure Agency | School Trips For KS3 & KS4 | Exeter, UK

The planet still needs saving!  It's time to rewild your students

Young people are demanding we take action

The climate and biodiversity crisis is real and growing. Young people are looking to their schools, teachers and role-models to take meaningful action.  A mission to The Bioasis is about taking action.

Outdoor education, as it should be

Modern life has separated us from nature. It's time to reconnect. Bioasis missions bring outdoor education into the 21st century, taking students off-grid, away from technology and allowing the coming together of skills development, personal growth, environmental volunteering and true adventure.

What do teachers say about The Bioasis?

“Thank you SO much for last Friday’s tour of the Bioasis. I felt quite emotional both during and after the afternoon, that things are still possible and will get going again - hope is a powerful thing. The Bioasis has huge potential. People just need to see it, both marketing wise, but also to open their minds to new ways of achieving familiar outcomes"

Julia Lewis, Strategic Lead for Curriculum Enrichment

Churston Ferrers Grammar School

We understand you have questions

Where is The Bioasis? What is the food like? How far is the trek into Basecamp? Do the students really have to leave their phones at The Bioasis perimeter? What's your evacuation plan? What's your Covid refund policy?

Bioasis Mission control is here to help. To get the answers to these and many other questions, contact: 

Bioasis Mission Control
6b King Street
t: 01392 790012
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The Bioasis climate protesting
The Bioasis river walk
The Bioasis outdoor missions
Kayaking on the estuary in th Bioasis
basecamp in the Bioasis

Request Bioasis Mission RECRUITMENT PACK

Recruitment packs contain all the information required in order to get your mission signed off by School Leadership and launched to students, including:
  • Detailed mission information & pricing options
  • Financial Protection and COVID guarantee
  • Location briefing
  • Safety Management Information and Risk Assessments
  • Posters
  • Student/Parent information packs
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“A unique, back to basics conservation experience. Challenging yet surprisingly engaging.”

JW, Group leader

"When I first walked up that hill into basecamp, I thought I’d walked into a movie set…”

AH, Student

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Bioasis Mission Control

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t: 01392 790012

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