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The Bioasis | Immersive UK Educational Adventure | Exeter, UK
Learning Outside The Classroom | Bioasis Residential Adventure School Trips | Exeter, UK

Off-grid UK geography adventures for school groups

The story so far...

The Year is 2074 and planet Earth is in crisis. Yet, there is hope. 

A remote, natural paradise, known as The Bioasis, has survived the climate apocalypse. It is now humanity's last chance to restore our relationship with nature and rewild our planet.


Urgent appeal for teachers

Bioasis Mission Control has issued an urgent appeal for teachers willing to run educational, off-grid adventurous geography trips within the UK. Your mission: assemble your team, trek into The Bioasis and reconnect your students with nature. Team work, problem solving, environmental clean up work, navigation, camera trapping, canoe journeys and more will all be necessary if you are to be successful... Take care, though, the industrialists are never far away...

The Bioasis

The Bioasis is 1,200 acres of rugged coastline, salt marshes, ancient woodland and sparkling rivers. It's remote and beautiful. Foxes, deer and even wolves now roam wild. Ospreys and kestrels rule the skies. Orchids nestle beneath huge oak trees whilst salmon, trout and sea bass frequent the estuary and river. It's the perfect training ground to rewild the next generation and kick-start a more sustainable relationship with our planet.

Isn't it time your students went completely off-grid and had a mobile free adventure?

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Who Are We

Missions to The Bioasis are rich in educational opportunities, having been designed specifically to fulfil a wider educational remit than traditional outdoor residentials. In addition to covering many topics on the biology, environmental science and geography curriculums, there are many personal and group development opportunities too, bringing the benefits of school expeditions to the UK.


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Renewable energy

Climate change

Maths & code breaking

Ethics & debating

Food miles


Plastic pollution

Trail Camera (small).jpg

Geography & Biology

Coasts & estuaries

Map reading & navigation

Biodiversity monitoring

Small mammal trapping

Conservation volunteering

Camera trapping

Wildflower meadows

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Personal Development

Improved resilience

Empathy & self-awareness

Positive mental health

Living in remote areas

Coping with the unexpected



Request Bioasis Mission RECRUITMENT PACK

Recruitment packs contain all the information required in order to get your mission signed off by School Leadership and launched to students, including:
  • Detailed mission information & pricing options
  • Financial Protection and COVID guarantee
  • Location briefing
  • Safety Management Information and Risk Assessments
  • Posters
  • Student/Parent information packs

Choose from three extraordinary missions

Bioasis 5

The classic 5 day mission to rewild your students.

Suggested age: 12 - 16 yrs

When: Missions run Monday to Friday, Easter to end October.

Mission Objectives: Decrypt codes to locate mission start point and Bioasis basecamp. Establish renewable energy and water sources. Locate food & equipment drops on land and water. Wildlife and biodiversity survey work & conservation volunteer activities. Environment clean up. Camera trapping. Bioasis defence force training. Regular radio reports to Bioasis Mission Control required. Plan for post-mission return and guerrilla rewilding activities.

Transport: Walking, canoe

Price: from £535 per student

Bioasis Extreme

A 10 day challenging mission with a multi-day wilderness trek to reach Bioasis basecamp.

Suggested age: 15 - 18 yrs

When: Missions run Wednesday to Friday week, May to end October.

Mission Objectives: Locate mission start point. Undertake self-supported trek navigating 52km through wilderness terrain, including RVs with Bioasis agents and supply drops. Night-time stealth crossing of industrialist heartland. Negotiate final 8km to outer perimeter of The Bioasis. Locate basecamp. Locate food & equipment drops on land and water. Environment clean up. Biodiversity monitoring work, conservation activities and camera trapping.  Bioasis defence force training. Regular radio reports to Bioasis Mission Control required.

Transport: Multi-day trek, walking, canoe

Price: from £1,035 per student

Bioasis Scientific

A 5 day scientific mission based at Yarnin or Holbe Bioasis basecamps.

Suggested age: 15 - 18 yrs

When: Missions run Wednesday to Friday week, May to end October.

Mission Objectives: Decrypt codes to locate mission start point and Bioasis basecamp. Detailed wildlife and biodiversity survey work, including working with moth lights, small-mammal traps, bat detectors and wildlife cameras. Mycelium networks and reptile workshops. Conservation volunteer activities including invasive species removal, woodland management and environment clean up. Species ID, referencing and logging. Q&A session with landowner on rewilding and eco-tourism.

Transport: walking, canoe

Price: from £535 per student

The Bioasis clean up mission
The Bioasis Extreme
2022 St Dunstans 1
clean up.jpg

“A unique, back to basics conservation experience. Challenging yet surprisingly engaging.”

JW, Group leader

"When I first walked up that hill into basecamp, I thought I’d walked into a movie set…”

AH, Student

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