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Winter in the salt marshes

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Mission Control has received the following update from the Advanced Expedition Team:

Bioasis Expedition Diaries: 26/01/2074

For the past few days, we have been exploring the salt marshes in the north of the estuary. We entered from the west, over an old bridge which was pretty unsafe if we're honest. We set up a safety line just in case.

The salt marshes are an extraordinary place - they feel almost pre-historic. There are tree-graveyards similar to those in Namibia, albeit with less sand and more mud (!) but nevertheless, the marshes are obviously thriving with life, even in winter. Birds, including many waders, as well as signs of fox and even otters were quickly spotted. There is evidence that white storks have been here in the not too distant past too.

plastic ocean pollution
Plastic pollution cleaned up from The Bioasis

Sadly, it was also all too easy to spot loads of plastic pollution. We picked up what we could - our efforts were helped by finding a discarded plastic washing basket which we used to put all the other string, rope, plastic bags and more in. Also found 2m of blue piping.

Given the tides come right up into the marshes, there will be more pollution in the days to come, we're certain. We need a sustained, on-going effort by missions teams over the summer to make a real impact.

On the western side of the estuary we found an AMAZING forest of Redwoods. Just wow! These trees are so majestic.

Current plan is for this summer's basecamp to be on the hill fort to the west of the estuary. There's good access to the river, salt marshes, beaches, woods, and it has stunning views south to the ocean. It's nicely hidden from the local industrialist town too, so should be safe.

What's the news from Mission Control? How are you doing recruiting school groups for a Bioasis mission this summer? Students and teachers can expect a full on reconnection with nature. There is so much for them to experience here. So much to discover and document. So much to enjoy. It's so important we get this message out there.

We'll update again as soon as we can.

Advanced Team out....

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