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Signs of Life

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Update just received from the Bioasis Advanced Expedition:

Mission Control... This is Bioasis Alpha.

We are witnessing signs of extraordinary wildlife here in The Bioasis. It was the small things initially - fungi, insects and such like, but the longer we spend here, the more diverse we realise this place is. Butterflies and moths - in numbers we've not seen for years - birds of prey, rivers teaming with fish...

There is evidence of small and large mammals: voles, stoats, deer, foxes, badgers and - you won't believe this - we think there might be wolves. On a recce trek into the forest yesterday, we discovered scat that looks as though it could come from a wolf. We have set up camera traps and will keep you updated, but for the moment we are obviously taking all necessary precautions.

Bioasis 1 out.

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