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There is hope!

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Finally, after months of silence, Mission Control has today received a fractured radio message from the The Bioasis Advanced Expedition (BAE) expedition team.


Natrually, we at Mission Control are excited and relieved to receive this long hoped for communication, but the message itself contains much troubling news:

Many team members are unaccounted for. The Bioasis, whilst it may well be the last bastion of nature that we have been looking for, it remains at risk of discovery and therefore is threatened by industrialists looking to exploit its natural resources.

Assemble your team

At the request of the BAE leader, Mission Control are now urgently spreading word on the need to recruit teams of young people to lay the ground work for expanding The Bioasis Project.

This is the start. It's time to begin the reconnection with nature, so badly needed by humanity and our planet.

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